Tuesday, 21 July 2015

This is true for mobile as well...

I like this.

A long time ago, someone clever told me that the future of fundraising was going to be hugely influenced by the convergence of all the stuff we humans like to do into a single device.

Maybe the final frame of this Vine should simply be a smartphone on the desk...

Saturday, 11 July 2015

MobileMagic: This edition includes cat.

How charities are using mobile to innovate. Great post by Zoe, including some words that originated from my mouth.

Retailers and the emoji revolution. On my way back from Somerset last weekend I saw an ad on the A406 that was 100% emoji and I wondered what we’d become...

Can't survive without your phone? You could be suffering from nomophobia.

Same, same. But different. Jonno wrote a blog about the RSPCA campaign we’ve just done in Oz. No mention of cricket.

And lastly. A plug. My Niece just might be the future of fundraising. 6 months old and conducting her first fundraising campaign. It would be fab if you could spare a few pounds and help her towards her target.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

MobileMagic: the no title edition...

The digital divide goes mobile. Teens without smartphones are falling behind.

EyeWitness app lets smartphones report war crimes. This is just so clever. 

In 2020 6.1 Billion People Will Use A Smartphone. The levels of global connection to the internet aren’t ever going to come down.

A New Era Of Messaging. WhatsApp is now 50% bigger than global SMS… Soon all the smart people will be adding WhatApp share buttons. Some already have.

Millennials Depends On Facebook For Political News. All of my breaking news comes from Twitter. All of it.

Block shock. See, the trouble with tech is that anyone can do it...

Blood donors in Sweden get a text message whenever their blood saves someone's life. Yes. I know you’ve already seen it. But it’s brilliant.

Texts from Hillary is live. Only works in the USA mind.

All the other editions can be found here.

Beautiful, funny & sad.

Take a few moments out of your busy life to sit back in your chair and watch this.

DOTTY from Brett and Mick on Vimeo.

It's a beautiful short film about Dotty and her desire to send her daughter a text message. Both funny and sad.

Makes you think.